Pottery for Sale from my Studio

I am integrating my racial justice activism with my craft (pottery) now = craftivism (about my craftivism...finished pieces). All proceeds from sales of my pottery (and pottery classes) will be donated during the Pandemic to mutual aid groups in the Boston area, and other organizations helping folks who are struggling with food insecurity and more, due to the Pandemic. Video of throwing demos and explaining compassion/donations.

I am working on adding more prices to this blog. For now, assume price range of $15-40 each if not otherwise noted.  Things that are pictured together do not need to be sold as a set unless that is noted; the numbers are just noted for communication purposes.  

All are food safe and dishwasher safe. And lovingly hand-crafted.

Momma Bear, Pappa Bear, and Just Right Baby Bear, cups - $75-90 for the set. (#1)

Fiar in the Dark: mug, soup mug, and bowls (#2)...the cup is sold

Nature...leaves and trees: tree serving bowl, big individual bowls with leaf designs, 
cup, bowl, handbuilt heart bowl (#3)

and bowl with words "in the black" with yellow and black spirals (#4)

Compassion cup, carved (#5)

Softies: heart cup & matching bowls (#6)...the heart cup is sold
(the large bowl has a slight crack at the rim from firing...maybe you can see it at the top of picture?... 
it is discounted therefore, but very functional anyway)

Copper Hinged Container (#7)

Tree Cup Lid on Individual Pitcher (#8)

Blue fun rim bowl with poured glazes (#9)

Green, pink and white fun rim bowl (#10)

Green outside texture bowl (#11)

Landscape bowl (#12)

Waxed spirals, waxed dots, waxed lines...bowls (#13)

Colorful cups (#15)

Reminder Stones, $3-5 each
Shown here: trees, ACT (to remind us to not be silent, and act!), smiles, TY (thank you), hearts, equal signs (equity/equality), peace signs, dragonflies, sun, paw prints, butterflies, and misc. designs

I am always making more... and can make others...for sure: more paw prints on the way!
Others that can be made: frogs, shells...and so much more. Custom stamps can also be made.

Salt shakers...no stopper needed! (#16)

Love Vase Set...a 2 part vase that nestles together with a heart base = $25-35 for the set of 2 (#17)
I did a lot of carving on these unique rims.

Teapot - $30-40 (#18)

"I love you" in morse code...planter/berry/garlic bowl with matching dish - $35-45 (#19, set)

Beneficial Creatures - $40-50 (#20)
bee, worms, spider, dragonfly, ladybug

Bird House, sculpture - $35-45 (#21)

Brown Vase $25-35 (#22)...the Frog Planter is sold

Carved Rim Bowl (#23)

hand built heart bowl (#25)...triangular serving bowl is sold

Large round vase (#26)

Smiles - soap dish with holes for drainage & hand built dish  - $15-25 (#27)

Yellow Spirals soap dish with holes for drainage - $15-25 (#28)

Carved plate, dark blue (#29)

Bowl made in collaboration:
student threw & trimmed it... I glazed it when she didn't want it (#30)

Green, black bowl (#31)

mug (#32)

Orchid Planter (orchids like air flow on roots) - $25-35 (#33)

oval bowl (#34)

tall vase (#36)

Ornaments: Thank You Apples (maybe for a teacher gift?) & I Love You Bears - $6-8 ea. (#37)

Hand Dish (at 5C)
Om Heart Dish - $8-12 (#38)...Fish Rock is sold

This is a fundraiser, so you can decide how generous you will be in the price ranges I posted, and/or make an offer.

I can take payment with Venmo (SJoyD), PayPal (paypal.me/dagworks, pick "friends and family" not "service" please!), cash or check.

(I would prefer to not have to mail these, so let's talk about options, especially if you know me. You could pick up from my studio in Ashland, MA, if that is convenient for you. I could drop off/deliver if I will be seeing you.)

Shipping and handling will be an additional $10+ depending.

Contact Deb with interest, orders, and questions: 508-686-6046.