Pottery for sale from my studio (by appointment)

All are food, microwave, and dishwasher safe. And lovingly hand-crafted. $10-40 each unless otherwise noted.   Things that are pictured together do not need to be sold as a set unless that is noted; the numbers are just noted for communication purposes.   Porcelain Spirals and Zigzags  cups - ask me to explain why these are extra special (#1) Diana's Hugs   -  this symbol holds my values of solidarity, equity, liberation, building  community, and nature   (#2) smallest and medium one: sold ( only the largest one is left ) Fried Egg Set and Spoon Characters,  see more  (#3) all chick cups and straight spoon: sold a plate, 2 bowls, and a few spoons are left Petals  bowl -  clay pulled out and sculpted, inspired by artist Paul Briggs   (#4) More pottery inspired by this potter for sale at Five Crows Beaded Necklaces  (#5) bottom right, gold/purple one: sold bowls and soap dish (#6) hand built bowls $10-15 (#7) most have sold ( yellow rim, and two blue ones are left ) Boob bowl and

New mugs: fun shapes, leaf designs

 I had fun throwing these new mug shapes: I decided to use leaf shapes on them...waking up with the the idea for the design one morning. I traced leaves I carefully selected during a fall walk in my neighborhood:  I decided to wax the lines to show the design: Glazing took more time and effort than I was typical, I layered 2 glazes to make each of the two colors I chose to use...hoping to get a green and a creamy color. Below is the final product. The creamy color came out as light blue, but I still like them a lot. I am keeping one and selling two. Here are some other new mugs recently made:

Group pinch pot classes (away from my studio)

Mud-itation (a mindfulness practice using clay) I offered this as two classes at Open Spirit in Framingham (8/18, 7 attended) and Five Crows in Natick (8/13, 6 attended). I was happy to be able to share my passion for pottery with more folks. At the beginning of each class, students shared their expectations/hopes to:  experience a new way to clear the mind and be present have a creative experience learning something new make a bowl/container explore creative side learn/try something new (totally out of "my comfort zone") do something for fun & creative "just for me" (instead of for their children) enjoy peace & quiet "from my child" "clear out my brain" clear mind if even for a few minutes relax have fun meet new people At the end of the class, they shared that it met their expectations, and one student shared that she was in a better mood.  Here are pictures of the sample bowls (that I made before the class)... ...and the students wor