Some more recent Pottery Living at Home

I (Diana) am so proud of the work that my students create in our time together in the studio. I love these pictures (many of them are ones that they took and shared with me after going home):

Elaine's Seder plate

Olga's vases

Olga's plate and inspiration
(we had fun coming up with the words to use)

Olga's tile project for a Ukrainian friend

Olga's dish set

Diana's fried egg plate and bowl in use in per neighbor friend's home

Inspiration and final onion holder that Olga hand built

Diana's little cup used for dipping cookies 
(per sister Nancy recently shared this bit of joy)

Marty's candle holder, lit up below

Marty's wall hangings in use

Marty's planter, a home at home

Eri's planter with orchid from Olga flowering

Diana's "hoodoos" making a friendly conversation with books in Eri's home

Elaine's hugging heart bowls (made as a gift for a family member)

Mia's colander made it home successfully (this took a lot of delicate work)

Mia matching her mom's pottery

Here is a link to get to see more from these talented artists 
(above is just a sampling):

Overview of Student Work 
(top two of my favs for some students, with links to their pages)

Studio Together: student work
see more work by students over the years (my favorites)