Dag Pottery for Sale at Five Crows in Natick

I took in new work on 12/13/21. Here is my current display: 

As of 9/26, the pieces below (and more) were available to be purchased at Five Crows in Natick (some still are there as of 12/12/21). The prices are different due to the needs of a retail environment. (I receive 50% of the proceeds the store gets, and I will donate all of that to folks who are food insecure, etc., due to the Pandemic.) I will show the new prices as: (5C $). 

This work includes my craftivism and compassion pottery.

This bowl is called Stand Up after a book I wrote using my hubby's, Phil's, photos. 
It is about what we can learn from trees for our work as activists. (sold)

Big Heart for Equity #52 (sold)
Compassion Cup #53  (sold)
Compassion Border #54 (5C $40)

I have learned that folks in marginalized groups often don't feel seen (in our white supremacy culture). And they get judged for what overs in their racial group do/have done negatively. All groups (including groups of white people) have folks doing negative actions but white people in general don't get judged for those actions.

I See You #55 (sold)

A Healthy Community
fosters friendships, all are respected, equality is universal
vase #57 - $35-45 (now available from my studio)

Equity Border opal bowl #59  (5C $35)
Compassion Border 2 pink bowl #60 (5C $40)
Compassion Cup 3 pink #61 (sold)
Three Hearts opal bowl #64  (5C $35)

(blue/black bowl and cup...repeated, see above)

Starry Night
#31 big bowl (sold)
#32 mug (sold)
#33 medium bowl/plate (5C $50)
#34 small bowl (sold)
#35 big pitcher (sold)

 Three Holes pitcher: #36 (sold)

lidded containerspictures show lids on and off

small beaded #37 (5C $36)
large beaded #38 (sold)
carved #39 (5C $40)

bowl #40 (sold)
shorter tea cups #41, taller tea cups #42  (all but one taller one sold)

Grip pitcher and Matching Cup set #43 (5C $80)

Triangle Vase #45 (5C $50)
(this has a wider bottom than I could capture in a photo)

ABOVE...25 (sold)
 Coconut container 26 (5C $40)
wavy edge hand built bowl 28 (sold)
(sold: 24, 27, 28)

All proceeds will be donated to mutual aid groups in the Boston area, and organizations helping folks who are struggling with food insecurity and more, due to the pandemic.

Contact Deb with interest, orders, and questions: 508-686-6046.