Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Craftivism and More Compassion Pottery

I am integrating my racial justice activism with my craft (pottery) now = craftivism.

Big Heart for Equality #52 - $30-40
Heart Cup #53 - $15-20
Compassion Border #54 - $25-35

I have learned that folks in marginalized groups often don't feel seen (in our white supremacy culture). And they get judged for what overs in their racial group do/have done. 

I See You #55 - $40-50

inside of I See You bowl (below)
matching mug #56 - $25-35

A Healthy Community
fosters friendships, all are respected, equality is universal
vase #57 - $35-45

Compassion Cup
carved #58 - $20-30

Equity opal bowl #59 - $20-30
Compassion Border pink bowl #60 - $25-35
pink cup #61 - $15-25
Compassion Border blue/black bowl #62 - $25-35
blue/black cup #63 - $15-25
Three Hearts opal bowl #64 - $20-30

Lidded Heart Container #65 - $25-35

"I love you" in morse code 
planter/berry/garlic bowl with matching dish #66 - $35-45

This is a fundraiser, so you can decide how generous you will be in the price ranges I posted. All proceeds will be donated to mutual aid groups in the Boston area, and organizations helping folks who are struggling with food insecurity and more, due to the pandemic.

I can take payment with Venmo (SJoyD), PayPal (paypal.me/dagworks, pick "friends and family" not "service" please!), cash or check.

(I would prefer to not have to mail these, so let's talk about options, especially if you know me. You could pick up from my studio in Ashland, MA, if that is convenient for you. I could drop off/deliver if I will be seeing you.)

Shipping and handling will be an additional $10+ depending.

Contact Deb with interest, orders, and questions: 508-686-6046.

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