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Dag Pottery for Sale at Five Crows in Natick

As of 9/26, the pieces below are now available to be purchased at  Five Crows in Natick .  The prices are different due to the needs of a retail environment. (I receive 50% of the proceeds the store gets, and I will donate all of that to folks who are food insecure, etc., due to the Pandemic.) I will show the new prices as: (5C $).  This work includes my craftivism and compassion pottery. This bowl is called  Stand Up  after a book I wrote using my hubby's, Phil's, photos.  It is about what we can learn from trees for our work as activists. (5C $110) Big Heart for  Equity   #52 - $30-40 (5C $60) Compassion  Cup  #53 - $15-20 (5C $30) Compassion Border  #54 - $25-35 (5C $40) I have learned that folks in marginalized groups often don't feel seen (in our white supremacy culture). And they get judged for what overs in their racial group do/have done negatively. All groups (including groups of white people) have folks doing negative actions but white people in general don't

Reminder Stones

These are great for gifting or keeping to remind yourself/others of someone or something you care about. You can write a message on the back, if you want. Reminder Stones are smooth and can be carried in a pocket or set in a convenient spot. A very popular item.  All proceeds go to folks who are food insecure or struggling due to the pandemic. $3-5 each; you chose how much you want to contribute.  (at Five Crows $6) thank you for Activism, Equality and Equity Om (for centering, mindfulness, meditation...self-care) miscellaneous letters, designs, spirals (these are now being sold by Uni-T in Natick) This is a fundraiser, so you can decide how generous you will be in the price ranges I posted. I can take payment with Venmo (SJoyD), PayPal ( , pick "friends and family" not "service" please!), cash or check. (I would prefer to not have to mail these, so let's talk about options, especially if you know me. You could pick up from my studio in Ash