Friday, March 20, 2020

Favorite Pottery Share

We unfortunately had to cancel the Stone Soup'r Bowl Party for now; we will reschedule when we are able to gather again after this COVID-19 separation time. Let's go ahead now though and remotely enjoy each other's favorite pieces.

Please send me a picture of you holding your favorite piece of pottery (made by you), and the reason why it is your favorite. I will post those things here.

Below is my newest student, Rachel
She is so new to Studio Together, she hasn't had a chance to make much, or to glaze her few pieces. 

Rachel will share later, why this is her favorite of her three bisque-fired pots.

"Please understand my tired appearance.
I've been busy with my mom- she's been ill and trying to find a nursing home. 

I love the very first piece I made:

I love the black interesting variation and simplicity of the piece."

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