Saturday, December 31, 2016

candy dish, custom orders

Custom orders aren't so fun and I don't prefer them (they take more time and effort) but sometimes they cause me to push myself...and I make something that I really like, and will want to make again! The three below are that way.

A woman from Memphis (Shirley) found my website this year and contacted me to make two bowls for bowl for a gift, and one bowl for herself that she will use as a candy dish.

For the candy dish, I wired fused glass into holes I had precut to match each piece of glass... I made the glass pieces at a class years ago. Shirley wanted pink...I don't have a good pink glaze and it contrasted with the glass pieces... so I added pink beads with the copper wire I used to wire the glass into the holes.

This was fun to take pictures of the light coming through the holes.

Here is a picture from Shirley of the bowl in use.

Here is the other dish I made for Shirley: the outside is unglazed and heavily carved with contours similar to a piece I have on my website. That one was inspired by rocks I found at Lake Erie.

I like how these both came out. Shirley did too! 
And both dishes made it safely to her when I shipped them in early December. Yay!

Here is another custom order I made this fall.
Another person, Steve, wanted to get an asparagus plate for his replace one (that she had bought elsewhere) that broke. I don't usually do slab work but practiced and figured out how to make what he wanted. Here it is:

the beast aka megapods

I like to make collections of organic pods. I made a large group and Katya (10 yrs old) came to class one day and exclaimed "megapods!" Since then, that is what it was called...until I had to fire it, then I started calling it "the beast" as it took up most of the kiln.

Here is the happy owner who bought it almost instantly when I put it out for sale at the Ashland Farmer's Market this year:

See more pods on my website.

Here are more pictures of The Beast...up close and in different environments. This first two photos are captured by Phil. The Beast looks alive in the grass.

See more of Phil's great photography at

hula hooping fun

We do holistic happiness.

One day after pottery class this fall, we all used the hula hoops we had/brought and had some physical fun outside. It was a blast! (and a work out!)

here are more photos to give you a laugh or a smile

boston students

I have three friends going to high school and college that come out once a month for pottery lessons and a meal. This is them at a local Mexican restaurant this week. I learn a lot from these wise students about kindness, being a supportive friend, and more.  For example, Stacy renamed a "lazy susan" in the studio to "resourceful susan" example of their manner to look at things in a better light.

They go (went) to Boston Arts Academy.

gift certificate option

I got a lot of interest in gifting classes this year. That is really exciting. Instead of having folks prepay (and maybe the gift doesn't get used by the person who receives it), I made a page available online that folks can print and use as a gift...and arrange for payment later.

I already have heard that a gift of this was well received and the future potter will call me in the new year.

Here is the page I made on my website:

texture inspiration

During class last week, Ira (14 yrs old) was doodling while three of us talked and made pottery together. I suggested she transfer that doodle into clay...and I demonstrated some ways to do that. My lesson, and what she did from my lesson, inspired me to add that texture to these things (in the picture below) that I did after that class. I plan to make a round bottom bowl to rest on the base you see on the blue "Resourceful Susan" in the background.

see finished student work here

see students working, testimonials, and some finished work here

new stuff and mudivate definition

New stuff happening in the new year!

I will be making posts of exciting things going on in the studio and related to the pottery classes. I hope you get some joy from this.

I added new students working, and some finished pottery and testimonials to my website.

Where does this blog title come from? I made it up!

verb: to motivate others to be creative with clay
past tense example: My students mudivated me too!

- a person can be mudivated (inspired to create with clay)
- clay can be mudivated (transformed into something unique and special)
- pottery classes can be mudivational (inspiring)

My website is Enjoy!