Friday, January 3, 2020

Stone Soup'r Bowl Party

You are invited to join the other students who come to Studio Together for a party with soup, pottery share, and a pottery swap!

Inspired by this picture that Olga found online recently:

I'll make "stone soup" by cooking vegetables we each contribute (one kind from each of us, cleaned and cut in advance so ready to cook, enough to fill your bowl at least, see* below). A vegetable that cooks and goes well in a mixed vegetable soup. I'll add the "stone" (aka awesome wholewheat pasta I got from the Ashland Farmer's Market). We will partake of this soup... and any other thing you'd like to bring to contribute to a mid afternoon potluck meal.

Since you don't all know each other, this will be an opportunity to get to know the folks I am always raving about. And to share our pottery interests. With that in mind, please bring 3 pieces of pottery you have made:
  1. a bowl to eat your soup from* (if you have a bowl you can use one of mine if not)
  2. a piece of pottery you are happy with...a successful one...a favorite (remote share)
  3. one piece you would like to swap (all who bring one to swap will get to participate in the swap), if you don't have one you made that you want to part with, no worries, you don't need to participate in this part 
You will go home with your own pottery (see 1 & 2) and a piece you pick from another potter among us during the swap. I will participate in the swap too.

We can just chat and talk pottery stuff and more, and/or we can play a game. I have lots available. We can decide this while you are here.

This is the date picked (after a lot of back and forth discussion with those who got back to me before Jan. 8, thanks to those who helped me out with this tough task of planning a date that works for the majority of you!):
  • Sat. Mar. 14, 3-6pm (cancelled due to COVID-19, we'll reschedule when we can!)
  • can go: Elaine, Mia, Olga, Rebecca, Eri, Tonya, Travora, Stacy, Marty, Rachel
  • can't go: Scott, Susanne, Amey
  • haven't heard from yet: Barbara, Danielle, Kim...
This party will be at my house. I hope you can come!

- Deb