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Storage Policy (for pottery left while taking a break from classes)

Good news : I have many new students joining us to Studio Together ! Challenge : Having space in the studio to store work-in-progress for all students when students who haven't taken a class in a while have unfinished and finished work sitting on shelves (indefinitely). Due to above, I need to put a new policy into effect: If a student needs to take a break, for up to 3 months, I can store unfinished and finished work if I know they will be back within 3 months ( within reason...I understand some students have situations why they can't return within 3 months...if they just communicate the reasons to me, I can be flexible ). There is no guarantee that wet work-in-progress (left in a plastic bag) will be wet enough to be trimmed if they leave it for over one month. Generally, students have a future date, or two, planned for returning for classes. If I haven't heard from a student a month or more since their last class, I would like to hear from them soon to se