Friday, November 3, 2017

storage policy for pottery left while taking a break from classes

Good news: I have many new students joining us to Studio Together!

Challenge: Having space in the studio to store work-in-progress for all students when students who haven't taken a class in a while have unfinished and finished work sitting on shelves (indefinitely).

Due to above, I need to put a new policy into effect:

If a student needs to take a break, for up to 3 months, I can store unfinished and finished work if I know they will be back within 3 months (within reason...I understand some students have situations why they can't return within 3 months...if they just communicate the reasons to me, I can be flexible).

There is no guarantee that wet work-in-progress (left in a plastic bag) will be wet enough to be trimmed if they leave it for over one month.

Generally, students have a future date, or two, planned for returning for classes. If I haven't heard from a student a month or more since their last class, I would like to hear from them soon to see what their plans are for returning (preferably within a month, 3 max) or not.

If I haven't heard from a student for 3 months or more since your last class, I will wait one month (from the time I send this info to the student this applies to) and then I will not store the unfinished and finished work anymore.

Any student can arrange for a pick up and hold your unfinished work at your home (or use any fired work until you have time to return to glaze it).

If you want me to finish your unfinished work, I can do that with glaze guidance for rate of $30/hr prorated to nearest quarter hour. Let me know if you want this option.

Thank you for understanding...and communicating about this situation (if it applies to you),