Sunday, September 27, 2020

Pottery moved to store in Natick, some brought home & available from me now

Five Crows in Natick now has most of the pottery I show in the last 4 posts about my Compassion Pottery fundraiser. The prices are different for the needs of a retail environment. (I receive 50% of the proceeds the store gets, and I will donate all of that.) I will show the new prices as: (5C $) in the posts. 

Below are most of the pieces I brought home from the store yesterday, IF they were unsold. I will be adding better pictures and wholesale prices when I can.

These are my favorites; I love this glaze combination: 

This bowl (below) is called Stand Up after a book I wrote using my hubby's, Phil's, photos. 
It is about what we can learn from trees for our work as activists. (5C $110)

I'll post prices for these when I have time:

large round vase

salt shakers

Nature...leaves and trees

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