Sunday, June 28, 2020

Compassion Pottery Fundraiser

I am a potter and I teach pottery as many of you know. I was out of work for a while but I am getting back to taking students into my pottery studio gradually and safely. Since the end of March, I have been doing what I can to raise funds to share with folks who are food insecure by sewing homemade masks and now I am making bowls+ to continue to raise funds for those more negatively effected by the C-19 pandemic and being out of work. I am gifting all of my proceeds and income as I go back to teaching and doing Spark Joy home organizing work with clients in their homes. I often give directly to those asking for help through mutual aid group(s), but I also give to organizations helping folks too (i.e. massdomesticworkers.orgBoston Area Gleaners).

If you would like to help folks with need AND get a pottery gift from me, below are some things I recently made for this purpose. I will post other items I have available soon.

When you use/hold them, 

you can be reminded that you have compassion for others 

that don't have the food and resources that you do.

Below are individual-serving-size bowls that I threw (on a wheel). 

Diameter/wide: 5" (smallest) to 6.75" (biggest)

Height: 2.25" to 2.75"

(Note: Bowl #1 is sold, another one the same color will be fired soon.)

They all have "Compassion" and a heart on the outside:

Close-ups of some of them:

Below are smaller hand-built bowls (HB) 

Diameter/wide: 3.25" (smallest) to 4.6" (biggest)

Height: 1" to 1.5"

They all have a row of stamped hearts.

Close-up of one of them:

Below are Reminder Stones (RS) 

You can write a message on the back to remind yourself 

or another of something important (optional of course).

You can gift or keep them.

Diameter/wide: .75" (smallest) to 1.4" (biggest)

Numbered color options are outlined in white rectangles. 

You can tell me the color # and size (see ^) you'd prefer. 

If you want any one or more of the items above, tell me what numbers or letters. 
ie. Bowl 1, HB Bowl C, RS 4

If you want another color than I show, let me know. But you will need to be patient (a few weeks or more) until I can fulfill custom orders. 


Thrown bowls: $25-30

Hand built bowls: $8-10

Reminder Stones: $3-5

This is a fundraiser, so you can decide how generous you will be in the price ranges I posted.

I can take payment with Venmo (SJoyD), PayPal (, pick "friends and family" not "service" please!), cash or check.

(I would prefer to not have to mail these, so let's talk about options, especially if you know me. You could pick up from my studio in Ashland, MA, if that is convenient for you. I could drop off/deliver if I will be seeing you.)

Shipping and handling will be an additional $10+ depending.

Contact Deb with interest, orders, and questions: 508-686-6046.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Studio Together Available Again!

It appears that I am allowed to open my Studio Together business now in Phase 2: my pottery business is considered as "personal services that don’t involve close personal contact."

Let's use these procedures for now:

Schedule class time 2 weeks or more apart; one-on-one, or your-family-members-and-me only for now.

Reschedule classes (with as much notice as possible) if you experience C-19 symptoms (headache, fever, coughing).

I will clean commonly used surfaces in the studio between classes, ie. bathroom and studio faucet handles, toilet handle, and doorknobs.

We all hand wash (or use hand sanitizer if only option) directly before seeing each other, and frequently while together. (I will provide hand sanitizer for use on entering the back garage door.)

We both wear a face mask if we need to be closer than 6 feet apart. 

There is good airflow with fans, open windows, and/or AC. 

No physical contact; including hugging (sadly).

If this works for you, please contact me to make your first appointment. 
Please tell me you have read this and you can accommodate these procedures.

Studio pictures taken 7/12
I rearranged the room, moving the wheels. 
We can work at either end of the 6 foot table to glaze, 
and work on wheels across the room from each other now!

If you have suggestions for changes to the procedures above, or you could not accommodate any of them, let's discuss.

Thanks for your patience during this pandemic and always!

I appreciate you,

Eri made the ram (this spring, at home) and I bisque fired it for her. 
She glazed it in class now that we are back (July). It is so cute!