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Compassion Pottery Fundraiser

I am a potter and I teach pottery as many of you know. I was out of work for a while but I am getting back to taking students into my pottery studio gradually and safely. Since the end of March, I have been doing what I can to raise funds to share with folks who are food insecure by sewing homemade masks and now I am making bowls+ to continue to raise funds for those more negatively effected by the C-19 pandemic and being out of work . I am gifting all of my proceeds and income as I go back to teaching and doing Spark Joy home organizing work with clients in their homes . I often give directly to those asking for help through mutual aid group(s), and I also give to organizations helping folks too. If you would like to help folks with need AND get a pottery gift from me, below are some things I recently made for this purpose.  (As of 9/26, many of the pieces below are now available to be purchased at  Five Crows in Natick .  The prices are different due to the needs of a retail enviro

Studio Together Available Again!

It appears that I am allowed to open my Studio Together business now in Phase 2: my pottery business is considered as "personal services that don’t involve close personal contact." Let's use these procedures for now: Classes only one-on-one, or your-family-members-and-me only for now. Reschedule classes (with as much notice as possible) if you experience C-19 symptoms (headache, fever, coughing). We have a Oransi mod HEPA Air Purifier in use when the windows can't be open...or there is good airflow with fans, open windows, and/or AC.  We all hand wash (or use hand sanitizer if only option) directly before seeing each other, and frequently while together. ( I will provide hand sanitizer for use on entering the back garage door .) We all wear a face mask unless very separated in the studio.  No physical contact; including hugging (sadly). If this works for you, please contact me to make your first appointment.  Please tell me you have read this and you can accommodate