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Pottery Time Apart

I have come to the conclusion it isn't safe to have classes due to the COVID-19 disease outbreak. It isn't worth the risk of any of us getting really sick or worse, or spreading it. I can still continue to help you create pottery from a distance. I want you to have some fun and get into The Zone  (no distractions) while creating, during this confusing and separate time. There is no pressure to do this. I hope you are doing something healing for yourself. If you want, arrange for a pick up of clay and tools! You can pay for the clay, and borrow needed tools like you check out books from the library. You can do hand building at home then return your finished work for firing later, paying for firing fees instead of paying for a class.  Estimate for firing fees: $2 for a piece the size of a fist. Tell me how much clay you want, the tools you would like to borrow ( see images below ), "sign" the borrow agreement  ( see below ), and arrange for a pick up time.

Favorite Pottery Share

We unfortunately had to cancel the Stone Soup'r Bowl Part y for now; we will reschedule when we are able to gather again after this COVID-19 separation time. Let's go ahead now though and remotely enjoy each other's favorite pieces. Please send me a picture of you holding your favorite piece of pottery (made by you), and the reason why it is your favorite. I will post those things here. Below is my newest student,  Rachel .  She is  so  new to Studio Together, she hasn't had a chance to make much, or to glaze her few pieces.  Rachel will share later, why this is her favorite of her three bisque-fired pots. Amey : " Please understand my tired appearance. I've been busy with my mom- she's been ill and trying to find a nursing home.  I love the very first piece I made: I love the black interesting variation and simplicity of the piece."