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Youthful Artists at Work

My young friends came out from Boston again today to create with me. I did some surface decoration work while they worked on their unfinished projects. Stacy is glazing her coil pot here. She did lots of other cool things too. I'll get a picture of her dish she doodled drawings onto. Nice stuff. Inspiring. Travora is carving her unique piece here. It is really interesting how this is turning out. It changed a lot more after I took this picture too. I'll post the finished result when it is done. Scott is painting the background images of ghostly figures on a dish for the skull to the right which he later glazed white; it will be fired onto the middle of the dish. An idea to inspire others!

More Things in Use in Homes

Elaine worked hard to get the measurements correct for a french butter dish (a water seal keeps the butter fresh out of the frig so the butter is always soft and easy to spread). Here is her successful use in her home. She reported that it holds a whole stick of butter. Yay! Here is my 12 year old niece's, Ananda's, recent creation... a holder for her hair elastics .